Greco fitness is a boutique fitness facility that offers a higher standard of fitness to it’s members. Our legendary circuit training programs offer the best full-body workout in the shortest period of time. Many of our members live fast paced lives, making the structured classes a perfect fit.

Our classes are well suited for anyone who has the will to get fit. Everyone and anyone can participate in our classes, and go at their own level.

Our main mission is to Transform Bodies, Lift Spirits and Strengthen Minds. This philosophy has transpired to thousands of members within Ottawa, Gatineau and Toronto with future plans to open more locations across Canada and in New York.


Greco Fitness Tips, Stories, and Transformations

Top 5 Workout Excuses

Many people give up almost immediately after the holidays! To help make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve got the top 5 fitness excuses and tips for how to deal with them.

Commit to Fit this New Year

Progress takes time. As long as you are committed and continuously making small improvements or changes to push yourself towards the finish line, your goals will be within reach before you know it!

Why Stretch? Getting Mobile for Fitness with Greco

It’s easy to forget to stretch because for many it is a menial task. The fact of the matter is, injuries are a serious threat to your fitness and can make everyday tasks much more difficult.

Fitness Tips for Ski Season

Don’t worry, you’re not out of shape just because you feel sore after a long day on the mountain. You may just be neglecting a few sport specific movements that can help you get ready for the winter ahead.