Greco offers full body 45 minute workouts for anyone – we believe anyone can train like an athlete. The “Greco Method” is minute for minute the most effective functional workout on the market. Our strategic variation in class styles is designed to burn fat while preserving muscle. The Greco Method provides one of the most unique and advanced science based approaches -no machines required. Our combination of resistance and cardiovascular training, coupled with our individualized coaching, keeps our clients burning calories long after they’ve left our studios

Greco Fitness is a high-end boutique fitness model with over a dozen studios in Ontario, Canada. We offer complimentary espresso, towels and operate a post workout recovery shake bar. We offer group fitness classes, personal training, corporate/team training and small group specialty classes. We offer lifestyle weight loss and wellness programs which include nutritional coaching, personalized lifestyle coaching and hormone/weight panels. We are proud of our close-knit community. At Greco Fitness, we take our clients’ goals seriously and care about their long term results.





“Failure isn’t an option,” is a phrase you’ll hear regularly in a Greco studio. Of course, none of the Greco franchises would exist today if that hadn’t been the mindset of Tony Greco, and his lifelong friend, Paolo Fiorin.

The two had known each other since grade school, grew up in the same Ottawa neighborhood and, as top athletes, found themselves teammates in whatever sport was in season.

In their early 20s—after Paolo’s stint of professional hockey in Europe, and Tony’s college football career in the U.S.—they re-connected and made their dream of opening a martial arts studio a reality.

Their first space was about the “size of living room,” according to Paolo. Tony sold his car, Paolo had to let go of his drum set, and their youthful enthusiasm charmed a loan officer into taking a chance on them.

“Whatever it was going to take,” said Paolo, “there was simply nothing that was going to stop us.”

Their following grew quickly, and before long, they took a larger space in the suburbs of Ottawa to accommodate a growing and extremely dedicated following. That space remains home to the Barrhaven franchise—one of 15 Greco studios in operation today.

“We were fortunate that of the first 10 clients we had, three of them went on to become black belts and stayed with us,” says Paolo. “A couple of them even wound up teaching for us. We probably still have a few dozen members who’ve been with us almost since Day One. People have really stuck with us.”

To meet the needs of their growing client base, they added cross training. Their high-intensity workout was combined with a focused meal plan that yielded such incredible results for so many that Greco’s Lean & Fit program officially burst upon the scene.

Another big turning point for the brand was when some NHLers came in with their off-season training regimens, which simply required them to bench more and more weight. Tony and Paolo completely abandon those programs and educated the players on why strengthening the muscle groups hockey players used most was what they needed.

Again, the results were significant, and the word spread quickly. And it wasn’t just for their knowledge, or the way they motivated. It was for how much they cared, and how committed they were to their students.

Likewise, they have dedicated themselves to continuing education and knowing the latest science has to offer on body physics, athletic performance and nutrition.

Of course, Tony got his black belt in 1992 and—brimming with as much confidence as he had muscle mass—thought he had all the answers. “But,” says Tony, “like Mike Tyson said, ‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.’ For me, it was a kick in the face and a guy smashed my jawbone to pieces. Everyone told me to stop and I thought about it, but I kept going. And in 1995 I won a gold medal in karate for Canada. Winning that gold wasn’t the best thing karate gave me. Losing was. That’s what taught me to get up after getting knocked out. That is what it takes to do what you’re born to do.”

The results of that desire is on display at a Greco near you—seven days a week—in the form of a cutting edge workout delivered in a signature style. “We thought we could turn our dream into something really special,” said Paolo. “And we have.”

Tony Greco

Paolo Fiorin