Summer is just around the corner and our members have been asking their coaches how to build a Better Butt. Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back this eight-week program starting May 1st!

Sessions: Better Butt will run for a total of 16 sessions over 8 weeks this summer, from May 1st to June 30th and can include a before and after Evolt360 bio-scan*. To sign up, inquire at your location’s front desk!

Program details: Greco Better Butt is a tried and tested glute growth program. This is a successful program that delivers the right amount of weekly targeted exercise to grow your glutes! Two times per week you will work with a Greco Fitness Coach who has been trained on the hypertrophy details of growing better glutes. Our trainers have mastered the right amount of reps and sets, in combination with the right exercise types, to deliver you the best possible results. You will be in a small group with others who are interested in the same result and thus keeping the group atmosphere all Greco Fitness members love, but with the gains targeted to the butt.

**What’s the deal with “bio-scanning”?

We are so confident that our method works that we are now providing you with the tools to prove it. The latest addition to our results based Greco Method is the world’s first intelligent bio-scan: Within 30 seconds this technology records up to 40 different body composition measurements, with 99% accuracy. Measuring everything from your muscle mass, protein levels, bio age, and visceral fat to provide you with an overall fitness score and 360 degree view of your health!

Note: Scans are to be administered at Greco Little Italy for all participants