Winner – Darcy Poulin

The results of 720+ Evolt360 Bio-Scans, captured from more than 180 Greco Fitness Members, are in and Kanata North’s Darcy Poulin is our winner! During the 8-week Greco 360 Challenge, Darcy achieved an increase in muscle mass of 3.7% and a decrease in fat of 37.6%.

…and they say you can’t build muscle AND burn fat? Fantastic results, Darcy!

Challenge Results

Overall, our Members gained 134.6 lbs of muscle and lost 299.0 lbs of total fat in just 8 short weeks! These are outstanding numbers and further proof that the Greco Method delivers incredible results!

2nd Place – Scott Helmer (Little Italy): 4.5% increase in muscle mass + 34.5% decrease in fat

3rd Place – Robert Gordon (OAC): 1.6% increase in muscle mass + 31.8% decrease in fat (OAC)

Fittest Greco Studios:

  1. Little Italy – 19.3 lbs of muscle gained + 82.7 lbs of fat lost
  2. Kanata South – 14.9 lbs of muscle gained + 54.2 lbs of fat lost
  3. Sparks – 8.1 lbs of muscle gained + 25.1 lbs of fat lost
Congratulations to all Challenge participants and stay tuned for new speciality programs!