Frequently Asked Questions

The Workout


I haven’t exercised in years. Can I do a Greco class?

Yes. Anyone can!

The Greco method is meticulously designed so an Olympic gold medalist AND a beginner can do the same class, at the same time. Both hitting their personal maximum.

Trainers start each class by demonstrating each exercise. They carefully explain each movement so newcomers can learn and fitness buffs can perfect their form. If you’re just starting out, you can use lighter weights and do slower and fewer reps. Go at your own pace. Plus, our trainers demonstrate alternative versions of exercises for beginners.

Our certified trainers will be by your side over the duration of the class, encouraging you and perfecting your form.

Most importantly, you’re not alone. Our classes are filled with all skill levels. We encourage and support everyone. After all, even the greatest athletes had to start somewhere.

What class would you recommend if I want to lose weight?

The Greco Method is designed to maintain an optimal level of metabolic conditioning, this means that every single class we offer is targeting fat loss! The more muscle you build, the easier fat stays away! Each and every one of our classes prioritize muscle growth/retention and promote fat loss. Want to speed up the process? Get set up with a Naturopathic Doctor and try out our 10 week nutrition + wellness program, Greco Lean Life to really get shredded!

Can I come try a Greco Method Class?

Sure, come try a class for FREE. No commitments required! For added personalization from our certified trainers, let us know when you plan to stop by and we will make sure to brief you on all the Greco Method has to offer.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes. Our certified trainers are among the best in the industry. They never stop learning. We offer a two-tier pricing reflecting their knowledge and experience; Certified and Elite.

Can I train privately with a partner?

Absolutely! Take advantage of a discounted price by signing-up for partner training. You’re single? Who said that your workout buddy had to be a spouse! Sign-up with a family member, a friend, a coworker- we leave it up to you.

Can I work-out at Greco if I have any injury?

Trainer knowledge is a topic we take very seriously at Greco. Our personal trainers are highly qualified individuals who are constantly progressing their knowledge and growing with the fitness injury. Not only do our classes provide modifications to the exercises, but a qualified trainer will work with you to help you move pain free.

Many injuries are the result of muscular imbalances in the body. The Greco Method takes the thought out of your workouts. We have designed a program that is imbalance/injury preventative! We will target all muscle groups in a complimentary fashion, keeping your body injury free and balanced.

For more serious injuries, we highly recommend working with one of our highly qualified personal trainers to speed up your recovery.

Can I come in for an espresso or a shake even if I am not doing a class?

Of course! Join us for a protein shake or free espresso anytime – just some of the many perks of being a Greco member! Regenerate, caffeinate and feel great. You can even bring a friend and introduce him/her to the Greco Lifestyle!

How long are your classes?

45 minutes- in and out! You will get the most efficient, results based workout in that period of time with Greco Fitness

How do I provide feedback about my membership experience?

Please feel free to contact Greco Corporate anytime! If you have something more specific, we recommend you contact the location in question. You may visit their page and fill in the contact form. We are also always collecting feedback from our members through our monthly survey “The Voice of the Member”.

The Facility

Are there showers at your facility? Do I need to bring a towel?

We have showers and free towel service for all members. As boutique fitness studios, we aim to treat our members to the best experience every time they walk through our doors.


Can I just come to do my own workout?

The Greco Method takes the thinking out of working out. Our highly qualified trainers can give you exercises and modifications that work with your body type and capacity.

The Company

How can I open my own franchise?

Are you passionate about health and fitness? Are you entrepreneurial? Are you a Greco fanatic and wish there was a location close by? We are looking to expand outside of Ottawa and have compiled a supporting team that has expertise in all areas needed to support your business from the inception. Contact our Greco Corporate team to find out more: http://grecofitness.com/contact

What if I have someone in mind who would be a great franchise owner?

We offer a franchise referral commission of $5,000 CAD for anyone who sends us a lead that ends up purchasing a Greco Fitness franchise. Contact our Greco Corporate team if you have someone in mind: http://grecofitness.com/contact