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Greco Fitness is proud to introduce our newly revamped fitness + nutrition programs under the new Greco Method!

We’ve been working hard to partner with brilliant minds, like Dr. Joel Villeneuve, a well-known naturopathic doctor in the Ottawa area.

Many people come to our studios for weight loss, body re-composition and nutrition advice. The Greco Lean Life program is our thoughtful response.

Greco Lean Life is a total wellness and lifestyle program that will help you achieve your health goals and provide you with the knowledge and tools to continue your healthy lifestyle going forward.

Not into fitness? No worries, no exercise is required if you are committed to your nutrition… although feeling the energy at our boutique studios may entice you to try out a Personal Training Session or a Greco Activate Class! So what’s so different about this new program?

  1. Our program is tailored specifically for YOU! During your first meeting with the Greco Certified Nutrition Coach you will receive a customized menu plan tailored to your goals. Our menus include options for when you have 5 mins, 15 minutes or 30 minutes to spare on food preparation. Whichever your time frame, we have a real food solution for you!
  1. At Dr. Joël’s Revivelife clinic, she is able to assess a member’s metabolic and hormonal biomarkers as well as micronutrient deficiencies. Through this, she can tell which foods you should be eating more of and which foods you should avoid. Your Greco Certified Nutrition Coach will use this information to keep tabs and follow up with you periodically as you progress through the stages of the program. Every time you visit with Dr. Joel or your Greco Certified Nutrition Coach you will leave with another nutrition and wellness tool spanning from the importance of sleep and hydration to how you can fuel yourself with different powerfoods.
  1. All of our staff have been certified by Dr. Joël, ND as Greco Certified Nutrition Coaches! Greco Certified Nutrition Coaches will be able to teach you how to make decisions that will best support your individual goals and create sustainable lifestyle changes. Weekly check ins are provided over the duration of Greco Lean Life to ensure we are providing ACCOUNTABILITY + SUPPORT! 
  2. Insurance coverage! Most insurance companies will be able to cover all if not the majority of the cost of this new program, which certainly makes it easier on your pockets. Sleep is a large component of a successful wellness regime, which is why we know you will sleep better knowing that your insurance can help cover the cost.

Visit http://www.drjoel.ca/weight-loss-program to learn more about Greco Lean Life powered by Dr. Joël and how you can get started on your journey to total health and wellness!

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