Kelly Perkins is a member at Greco Barrhaven.

Kelly’s Transformation Journey:

For as long as I can remember, I have always been that fat funny girl. I’d like to say I struggled with my weight but the reality was I didn’t. I was fat and had just come to accept that is how it was going to be. With that acceptance came feelings of embarrassment, shame and low self-esteem. I was funny to the outside world alright…but was sad on the inside and started to think it was time for a change. That change began for me in May 2015 when I joined Greco Barrhaven. I can remember sitting through my assessment with Sean and thinking to myself, damn, this guy is telling me I can do this! And I believed him!

From there, the Barrhaven Greco team has taught and guided me. Supported and encouraged me. Believed and cheered for me.

The classes are high energy, invigorating and exciting. They change things up constantly to keep you out of your comfort zone and challenge your limits when you think your limits have been reached. The benefits of belonging to this gym have spilled out into both my home life and work life. My family is reaping the rewards of my Greco membership with a healthy lifestyle and the everyday work stress is by far a lot less. I am almost a year into that change I talked about and proud as hell to be where I am today. The Greco program has not only helped me transform the physical me but has helped transform the inside me. For this, you have my thanks and my lifetime membership.

-Kelly Perkins