Kristen Beaulne is a member at Greco Orleans.

Kristen’s Transformation Journey:

My Greco experience… where do I begin? 

I became a member 2 years ago, wanting to find a gym I could participate in with my daughter.  We started this adventure together and never imagined where we would arrive.  We had goals of losing some weight and being more active together.  What actually happened has been nothing less than amazing! I have lost 58 pounds, I am stronger in all aspects of mind and body, I no longer suffer from back pain or the headaches I thought would never go away, I crave healthier food choices, and I am HAPPY… very HAPPY! 

It has been so rewarding as a mother to watch my daughter go through the same changes as myself.  She has evolved into an active, confident, healthy and happy teenager, having gained knowledge she will be able to carry with her through future years.  We have both made incredible friendships with both members and staff at Greco Orleans. 

I cannot thank Greco Orleans enough for this amazing journey and all the support, smiles and guidance you have all provided.  My daughter was finally able to convince Dad to join, and he too has seen the same changes in his own life!  We are now able to share the Greco experience as a family!  Tony Greco has definitely found the perfect combination of nutrition, cardio and strength exercises to provide a program that works and challenges us to achieve better results each time we set new goals.  Shout outs to Zach, Greg, Marijke, Yannick, Julia, Meighan, Kyle, Scott, and Kiersten for keeping us motivated and for being the best Gym Family ever!!  We are living life with full potential and it feels great!   

-Kristen Beaulne