Rick’s Transformation Journey:

“For much of my life, I’ve been active – hockey, softball, golf were a few of my passions.  My diet had always been heavy on processed foods, fast foods and sugar, but my heavy level of activity and age being on my side always kept me at a reasonably healthy weight.

However, years of playing hard resulted in a few knee surgeries, which sidelined me from being as active.  I watched my weight creep up – before I knew it, I had gained 40 pounds, mainly belly fat.  I had no motivation to change my eating habits, as I slowly tried to get active again.  It was an uphill and frustrating struggle, and I felt like I had to settle with the extra weight.

A few years ago, Greco Orleans opened up down the hill from my home.  I had heard good things about it, but was a bit leery about its intensity.  Following my last knee surgery in late 2013, I joined January 2014.  It was slow going at first as I was continuing to have knee pains.  With the Greco team’s help, I learned how to properly stretch and warm up before activities and use the foam roller, which saw a significant reduction in the knee pain I was experiencing and allowed me to comfortably work out 2-3 times per week.   The 45-minute classes kept me interested and challenged – I was in and out in less than an hour and doing a workout that provided everything I needed!

In November 2015, the Greco 40 Workouts Challenge gave me the push I needed to push through my plateau.  I managed to complete 50 workouts in 60 days, and started seeing changes to my body, and started shedding more belly weight.

Things dramatically turned around when I entered the 6-Pack Abs Challenge in January 2016, because Greco helped me target nutrition.  This was by far the biggest challenge because of my eating habits – but it is true, abs start in the kitchen!  In 4 weeks, I am down another 20 pounds and have broken through the 200-pound barrier.

I feel great!  I have a lot more energy, my overall mood has improved, and I feel fitter and better than I have felt my entire life.  I owe my success to the Greco Orleans staff for greeting my every workout with 2 espressos, and the trainers for their encouragement and pushing me when I needed it.

Greco Orleans is truly like a family to me now, and I am happy to spread the word on how they changed my life.  They’ve given me the will to be better, and I’m excited about paying it forward so everyone can be the best they can be, and live a healthy and satisfying life.”

Rick Millette