Greco Fitness is pleased to announce an ownership change to its Carleton Place franchise, one of 13 Greco studios in Eastern Ottawa and Toronto.

The studio, which opened in 2013, will remain at its Coleman Street location, but little else will remain unchanged.

The new ownership group, led by Jenn LeBlanc, who will serve as general manager, assumed control on September 19th.

“This new team has a proven track record of excelling in business—and are passionate about fitness,” said Greco president David Fowler. “The franchise couldn’t be in stronger hands—and I mean that literally and figuratively.”

New ownership took control of the studio September 19th, 2017, and even long-time members sensed change was in the air almost immediately.

“We have new faces, a new energy and a great new vibe in the club,” said Jenn LeBlanc. “People are already pulling from that energy in our classes and positive results are taking place.”

Carleton Place has updated its operational procedures, and raised the bar on service levels and the member experience.

For instance, the front door will open on time each morning, and the complimentary espresso will be ready for those who arrive for the 6 a.m. classes. And when the front desk hands you a towel, they’ll know your name and which of the new flavours of post-workout recovery shakes you might like.

“These are just the first steps toward having happy and satisfied clients—which, of course, is our goal,” added LeBlanc, a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and a certified holistic lifestyle coach. “There’s a tangible sense of community and camaraderie here.”

More and more Greco members have experienced body transformations and achieved peak fitness levels by following Greco’s class-based program, the signature “Lean & Fit,” created by co-founders Tony Greco and Paolo Fiorin.

“Our signature 45-minute circuit training class is the most effective workout you’ll find anywhere,” said LeBlanc. “Combining strength, endurance and mobility training, our custom designed workouts deliver results. Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned athlete, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Greco Carleton Place.”

Greco Fitness is a high-end boutique fitness model which offers method classes seven days a week at each of its 13 studios. Each studio also provides complete resources for body transformation, including services to complement a Greco workout regimen and nutrition plan. For more information about Greco visit our website www.grecofitness.com and to learn more about franchise opportunities with the Greco brand, email franchise@grecofitness.com.