Step up your fitness game: Join the Greco 360 Challenge.

You’re looking for a way to take your full-body workout to the next level? Take on the ultimate 8-week challenge in the first ever Greco-wide competition and win a $1,000!

Hack Your Body’s Biology.

At Greco Fitness, our goal is to give you the platform to train like an athlete, achieving results through the blend of functional conditioning, and personal training. That’s why we brought the world’s first intelligent bioscan to North America – exclusive to Greco Fitness!

In as little time as 15 seconds this intelligent bioscan will output over 20 essential metrics for your overall health by which we’ll track your results during the Greco 360 Challenge. Starting February 1st, 2018, you’ll compete against Greco members across Ottawa for 8 consecutive weeks to be named the Top Greco Athlete and to be awarded $1000!

Track Your Workout Progress.

At Greco, we are so confident that our method works that we are now providing you with the tools to prove it. The latest addition to our powerful Greco Team is the world’s first intelligent bioscan: Within 60 seconds this technology records up to 40 different body composition measurements, with 99% accuracy. Measuring everything from your muscle mass, protein levels, bio age, and visceral fat to provide you with an overall fitness score, we’ll kick the Greco 360 Challenge off with a 360 degree view of your health!



Win the Fitness Game.

So, how does the challenge work? We’ll be bringing our Greco 360 Challenge team to your Greco location to collect your health stats, with an initial baseline scan at the start of the competition and three performance check-points at weeks 3, 5 and the 8 week finish line! We’ve posted the bioscan schedule below so you can keep track of when the Greco 360 team will be at your location.

Each participant will be assigned a Greco trainer to help guide you through the Greco 360 Challenge and make personal nutrition and fitness adjustments along the way.

At the end of the challenge, our Greco 360 team will analyze the results, measuring the largest relative gains* across all Greco Fitness locations (meaning men and women are on an equal playing field…hoorah!), and crown the participant with the largest relative gains across ALL locations the proud winner of $1000!

Are you ready to play?

Registration is now open, so secure yourself a spot at your Greco location for just $199 + HST**. Don’t snooze! Available spots per location are limited.

For more information or to sign up for the Greco 360 Challenge speak with your location’s front-desk staff.

Good luck to all competitors!

*Relative margin increases of skeletal muscle mass will be determined by the increase in muscle mass (lbs.), divided by the starting number. Relative margin decreases in total body fat will be determined by the decrease in body fat, divided by the starting number.
**$199 + HST is for Greco Fitness Members only. Non-members may compete in The Greco 360 Challenge for $499 + HST. Challenge participation fees cover the cost for the 4 bioscans, 8 weeks of unlimited classes (for non-members), and access to a Greco Trainer for each participant.


Location Bioscan Schedule: 


Alternate scan day: Saturday, February 3rd 8:30am – 12:00pm at the Little Italy and Kanata South locations.
Proof of payment / membership is required if this is not your home location.


Location Date Time
Stittsville / Sparks Feb 1 5:30am-1pm
  Feb 15 5:30am-1pm
  March 1 5:30am-1pm
  March 29 5:30am-1pm
Carleton Place / Orleans Feb 1 2:30-close
  Feb 15 2:30-close
  March 1 2:30-close
  March 29 2:30-close
Manotick / Upper Hunt Club Feb 2 5:30am-1pm
  Feb 16 5:30am-1pm
  March 2 5:30am-1pm
  March 30 5:30am-1pm
Barrhaven / Lancaster -OAC Feb 2 2:30-close
  Feb 16 2:30-close
  March 2 2:30-close
  March 30 2:30-close
Westboro / Kanata North Feb 5 5:30am-1pm
  Feb 20 5:30am-1pm
  March 5 5:30am-1pm
  April 3 5:30am-1pm
Little Italy – Beech / Kanata South Feb 5 2:30-close
  Feb 20 2:30-close
  March 5 2:30-close
  April 3 2:30-close