The Greco Method is the philosophy and implementation of our athletic performance systems, translated into a workout for anyone.

The Greco method is derived from Tony Greco’s years of training professional athletes. The Greco method encompasses a style of full body training that touches on all aspects of training. The circuits target performance and weight loss through functional movement patterns. Our standard method contains 3 rounds of 8 stations at 45sec each ensuring that every body part is worked over the 45 minute session.


The “Greco Lean and Fit” is the staple model for our circuit style classes. This circuit is 8 stations (45sec each), 3 rounds plus bonus rounds lasting about 3-4mins each. This efficient work out last a total of 45 min and encompasses upper body, lower body, core, and cardio/athletic exercises.

The “Greco Activate ” system is an entry and modified version of the traditional circuit style class. All exercises are beginner level and will be done at low impact. This class encompasses easier exercises than its foundation style “Greco Lean and Fit”. This circuit is 8 stations (45 sec each) and three rounds, no bonuses.


The “Greco Strong” circuit is a repetition and volume based circuit designed to prioritize muscle growth/taxation. This circuit will be ongoing rounds of repetitions per exercise. Participants will complete a designated number of repetitions of the exercise prior to moving on the the next station and at their own pace. Trainers will also comprise a quick 1-2min cardio combination of exercises.Goal is to achieve as many rounds of circuit as possible.

The “Greco Hardcore” is the HIIT version of our traditional circuit. This outline is comprised of upper body, lower body, and explosive/athletic movements. This circuit will have two rounds and longer stations than the “Greco Lean” (1:15m).


Greco Hardcore