The Greco Method is the philosophy and implementation of our athletic performance systems, translated into a workout for anyone.

The “Greco Method” is minute for minute the most effective functional workout on the market. Our strategic variation in class styles is designed to burn fat while preserving muscle. The Greco Method provides one of the most unique and advanced science based approaches -no machines required. Our combination of resistance and cardiovascular training, coupled with our individualized coaching, keeps our clients burning calories long after they’ve left our studios.


The Greco Lean and Fit is our staple model for our circuit training concepts. During a Greco Lean and Fit class you can expect a wide range of functional movement patterns, combined with athletic movements that will change EVERY day. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself beside a professional athlete, as our classes are often used as a part of their strength conditioning programs! We have strategically laid out each outline to ensure you are getting a balanced, injury preventative workout for anyone! The traditional class has three rounds of functional and athletic movement patterns, split up with two short bonus rounds that are strategically designed to spike your heart rate for optimal fat loss. All classes will be a well-balanced mix of cardiovascular and resistance training.


The Greco activate is movement principal class, where you will be exposed to all our foundational principles and concepts. We are preachers of quality movement in each one of our classes, although activate is where you can really dive deep. The Greco activate class will comprise itself of integral structural and postural principles that can be easily applied to both your classes and daily life. This class will be very low impact and equally challenging for all parties, as these movements will really challenge relative body strength. Great intro class to make friends and learn the foundations of what Greco is all about.



Greco Strong is the repetition based version of our circuit. Pick any ideal body type, we mean it, any! Now ask them what their regimen includes… Volume training is an incremental piece to maintaining a well-rounded fitness routine. It is directly correlated with strength, bone density, and maintenance of muscle. During the Greco Strong, you will lose the pressure of the time and get to focus on taxing those muscles! Get used to counting, so you don’t have to start back at zero in these classes! You may get a cardio blast throughout the class to spike that heart rate mid class, so be nice to your trainer. As always, enjoy that caloric burn long after you leave the studio!


Greco Hardcore has become somewhat of a crowd favorite and is the HIIT version of our traditional circuit style class. Like the lean and fit, Greco Hardcore is a compilation of functional and athletic movement patterns, that will change each day. This circuit is only two rounds, but you will find yourself sweating it out for slightly longer at the stations than the traditional Lean and Fit. The movement patterns will change ever so slightly, but put a significant strain on the cardiovascular system. We prioritize caloric incinerating in the high intensity interval version of our circuit. The great thing about HIIT is that maximum effort is relative, which means anyone can push as hard as THEY can! That being said, you will definitely need a sweat towel for this one and count on yourself continuing to burn calories long after you leave the studio.

Greco Hardcore

At Greco Fitness we’re committed to helping our clients achieve the results they desire. Whether you want to lose weight, train for a specific event, or just want to feel your best!
We design exercise programs that are safe, effective and specifically tailored to individualized needs. We carefully analyze personal goals, exercise history and perform a complete fitness assessment on every client.
Partner Personal Training is available for individuals who wish to spend more quality time while achieving their goals alongside a friend, co-worker, spouse, family member, and/or partner.
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