Why Greco?

The Greco Method encompasses 4 different styles of training. Each with their own target in prioritizing the client’s experience to maintain a better body composition (lean body mass). The Greco Method will always have you doing something different. We prioritize functional movement patterns, while always changing and progressing the ability of our members. With no machines required, you can come year after year without ever experiencing the same class. Our specialized resistance training methods will tax your aerobic and anaerobic systems equally. Our scheduled is designed to train you optimally, while promoting quality recovery.

Each day you enter the studio, you will get a full demonstration and requirements of the exercises prescribed, from one of our highly qualified trainers. The warm up will be reflective of the movements you will encounter throughout the class and always prepare you for the type of class you are participating in. Our ability relative workouts are some of the most progressive on the market. The versatility in ability is something we truly take pride in. Our workouts can challenge professional athletes or the new to exercise member just the same! Before you are sent on your way, we will be sure to run you through a stretch so that you can maintain your newfound ranges of mobility.

Greco encompasses the most well rounded and science based workout on the market. We have classes that are repetition based and others that are done for time. Not only is each and every class something that anyone can do, the challenge is completely relative. You can push yourself as hard or as easy as you would like, as well as lift as heavy or light as interests you. Throughout the class, regardless of how hard you chose to push yourself, our highly qualified trainers are always there to ensure that you are doing the movements with textbook form!

Should the group environment not be enough, we have trainers who have spent years refining their tools in order to best service you. Our personal training programs have received rave reviews time and time again on the results orientation that our trainers produce. Our trainers are experienced in servicing clients of all levels. Just starting, coming back from injury, or professional athlete our trainers have the abilities to best get you to your results.

Team training is another specialty of ours! Our foundation principles of training are derived from making it possible for anyone to train like an elite athlete. Our team and corporate programs are really where our trainers thrive. This can be a cost effective platform for multiple people to get personalized attention. We run periodical specialty programs tailored for our member base, but can always specialize something for the group you belong to.