Classes supervised by fitness specialists


45 minute full body conditioning workouts offered 7 days a week.

You will never do the same workout.

Over a dozen boutique studios across Ontario, Canada.

Workouts suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Go at your own pace!

Our classes are supervised by our fitness specialists.  Personal training in a group environment!

Highly educated and engaged fitness specialists


Personal Training for individuals and groups.

Specialty training programs to target specific areas or personal goals.

Highly educated and engaged fitness professionals pushing you through every rep.

Team Training & Corporate Training programs available.

Complimentary espresso, complimentary towel


Complimentary Espresso.

Complimentary Towels.

Shake Bar stocked with high quality ingredients for optimum recovery post-workout.

Smaller customer base allowing us to deliver a more personalized experience – we know your name.

Proven results for over 14 years


Proven results for over 14 years – Client Transformations don’t lie!

Unsurpassed value for students, corporations, families and individuals alike.

At Greco, we really don’t take no for an answer.

Come into a Greco and ask about membership. You won’t get a sales pitch as much as you’ll get a consultation.

Our efforts don’t stop after you sign a contract. Conversely, signing on the dotted line is just the beginning of our health and fitness journey together.

“ Here,” says Tony Greco, “ it’ s not all about the sign up. Here, it’ s the sign-up and set-up. We’ve created a system where we’re attached to each and every person and the goals of everyone who joins one of our clubs. This is a unique business model. Failure isn’t an option here.”

It means something to us when you become a Greco member. We’re partners—and we won’t stand for you disappearing into the sunset.

“ We have an ‘overdue’ list—it’ s like an attendance report,” adds Greco. “ If you don’t use the club, we call to find out why. Before we hang up with you, we’ll have an appointment and you’ll know we expect you to show up.”

Your first experience at Greco is more of a classroom session than a workout. We’ll get to know you, and you’ll understand our commitment to establishing and increasing your fitness levels.

“We don’t have 15 trainers at each of our clubs,” says Greco. “We have three, four or five. This way, we’re involved in each member’s program.”

And there’s way more to it than that.

“We’re not just about exercise,” says Greco. “We focus on your entire lifestyle—a better way of living. I call it the Wheel of Life. Through exercise, fitness and nutrition, we’re empowering people to have fuller, happier lives.”

Don’t be deluded by the ambience. There are candles burning in the lobby, but that’s not the only burn you’re going to feel.

“This is a trendy place to be,” says Greco. “But—plain and simple—you’re going to get results.”

Life moves at a hectic pace, but trust us when we tell you, you don’t have time not to work out.