We require participants to be at least 15 years old to participate in our Greco Method group workouts. We encourage everyone to first meet with one of our trainers to go over their Greco Game Plan to ensure they are moving safely and getting the most out of their workouts. For those younger than 15, we offer personal training, small group training and junior lean and fit at select locations. Please contact your preferred studio to learn more about their offerings.

We tailor all workouts to the specific needs of each individual through variations in our exercises and weight ranges. For the most individualized plan and best results, we recommend meeting with one of our trainers for a Game Plan session to map out your personalized plan and to ensure you are moving correctly through foundational movement patterns.

We recommend comfortable, close-toed footwear. Running or training shoes are best. The more you can feel the floor through your footwear, the more efficient you will be during your workouts.
We recommend meeting with one of our trainers for a Game Plan session to map out your personalized plan and to ensure you are moving correctly through foundational movement patterns. Your trainer will always be around to guide and encourage you to do your best, but members workout at their own pace. If there’s a movement you’re having difficulty with, we will adapt it to your fitness level so that you can complete it safely and effectively.

Please consult your doctor before you start with Greco to see if it is a good fit with your current fitness level and exercise routine. We have many members who have trained at Greco throughout their pregnancy without complications. Regardless of what you decide, Greco will be here for you after you welcome your little one(s) into the world!

The Greco Method incorporates cardiovascular training into each workout. It won’t be the traditional cardio you may be used to, but we are smart about how much and which movements are sprinkled into each workout to ensure you are getting the perfect dose every workout. And trust us, we’ll get your heart pumping!
Most members start to notice results within their first couple of workouts. We hear comments about muscles working they didn’t know they had, reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood, confidence, higher energy levels and reduced bloating and cravings. Positive stressors from our circuit style workouts do the body good! Our members generally see significant results in the first month but we encourage all members to stay consistent for 3 months to form new habits and to make true lifestyle changes.
The short answer is no. It is really tough to build muscle, let alone get “bulky”.  If you want to expose the muscle underneath, fat must be reduced. Toning happens when you reduce your body fat, exposing the lean muscle you have built underneath. Our workouts are curated to build LEAN muscle and to burn fat. Have no fear! You can lift weights, feel strong and confident WITHOUT getting bulky at Greco.

We have designed the schedule so that you can workout everyday and not overtrain. We do not recommend this to everyone, but it is possible. The most important thing is to listen to your body and scale your workouts and rest days as needed. We always recommend meeting with one of our trainers for a Game Plan session so you can understand what your ideal week of training should look like at Greco.


Yes, each location features private changerooms and showers.
We supply filtered water on tap and also offer water for purchase. We take hydration seriously at Greco.

We offer smoothies packed with nutrients, perfect for a post-workout meal or snack. Protein bars and other health foods are available at select locations for purchase.

Yes, we offer merchandise for purchase at our studios. Please note that due to COVID-19 we ask that members refrain from trying on merchandise for the safety of our members and staff.


We have a variety of training options to suit any schedule or goal. You can purchase packages for our virtual studio or in studio. We recommend making a commitment to yourself and your results by mapping out your Greco Game Plan with a trainer.

Yes, Greco members are required to make a profile. Please create an account at to save time and register online to make your first class a smoother experience. Your account allows you to book online and in studio workouts, purchase memberships, and training sessions, smoothies, merchandise, and more directly through account.

Yes, all members must book their workouts in advance – it’s an appointment with yourself, so prioritize it! To keep our members and employees safe, every member must make an appointment before arriving at the studio. We cap our group workouts at 12 people per class to keep the quality of the experience high for all members and to ensure safe social distancing practices.

For classes we require a minimum of 12 hours notice to cancel your class booking, or else a late cancellation/ no show penalty of $25 will apply for each booking. Due to the limited capacity in our studio, spots are in limited supply. We need to ensure that everyone who books a spot in class, shows for the class, in order to create the best possible experience for our members. We do require a 24-hour cancellation for any personal training, small group training appointments and other 1-on-1 appointments out of respect for our hardworking trainers.

No, we believe in earning your business on a weekly basis vs. relying on a yearly contract. Once we get to know you and what you are looking to achieve with Greco, we will help you choose the training option that best suits your goals.

All items for sale at Greco studios are non-refundable.


No, the bioscan is pain-free and non-invasive. Some members may feel a slight tingling sensation in their fingers, but most do not feel anything at all.

Those with heart monitors, pacemakers, or those who are pregnant are advised not to use the bioscan.

Besides being ready to have your mind blown, you should always remember to scan in a consistent state. Consistency is key with the bioscan and to ensure we have an accurate basis for comparison. Your trainer will assist you at all times and will walk you through each step to ensure your safety. Your trainer will also explain your results and instruct you on how to use the information to reach your fitness goals.

It takes around 15 seconds to complete your scan. Plan for 1 minute total once you have an active profile in our system. If it is your first time using the bioscan, please plan to come 15 minutes before your appointment, so we have time to create a profile and walk you through the process.


Yes, we are able to have a very accurate nutritional profile thanks to our intelligent bioscan. You can book a session with one of our trainers to review your metrics and design a personalized plan to ensure you are fueling your body properly for your goals.

Training is most effective with proper diet and exercise. We provide you with the knowledge to create and plan a balanced macro- and micronutrient-rich diet to get the best results possible. If at any time you’re having trouble or have questions about your nutrition, feel free to ask your trainer.

While we do not prescribe specific meal plans, we’re happy to assist you in planning out a balanced diet by sharing our experiences, favorite recipes and educating you on exactly how to fuel your body for optimal results.